Save furry friends // 36E5EA1D2262B74D92332AFF3929B7CE

Save furry friends // 36E5EA1D2262B74D92332AFF3929B7CE

Styles: #Hardcore #Breakcore
Length: 47:33
BPM: 90 — 175
Posted: 08/11/2020

0:00 Psyo Korolenko — New Age (Esotericism for All)
0:01 X&trick — Killin Joe
3:05 Psyo Korolenko — New Age (Esotericism for All)
5:42 Enduser — M16
6:26 X&trick — Killin Joe
12:51 Enduser — M16
13:44 X&trick — Killin Joe
14:18 Aaron Spectre — You Don’t Know
17:12 Cakebuilder — Ignited Nations
18:59 Krumble — in memory of
19:09 Cakebuilder — Ignited Nations
19:26 Krumble — in memory of
22:32 Modeselektor — Black Barbie Rmx
25:06 Krumble — in memory of
26:20 The Nam Shub Of Enki — Perpendicular (Ft Elf Tranzporter)
27:44 Modeselektor — Black Barbie Rmx
27:52 The Nam Shub Of Enki — Perpendicular (Ft Elf Tranzporter)
28:43 Modeselektor — Black Barbie Rmx
30:44 Unknown Artist — Drosstik04-Side.A
34:26 The Nam Shub Of Enki — Pregnant With Ooze
36:14 Unknown Artist — Drosstik04-Side.A
37:12 Defragmentation — Results
40:07 Defragmentation — Defragmentation — Cant Touch The Boots
42:27 Defragmentation — Defragmentation — Crash And Burn
44:31 Defragmentation — Defragmentation — Kicking Children In The Rain

Animal fur has long ceased to be indispensable in protection from the cold. Modern technologies make it possible to create warm, practical and elegant clothes from artificial and vegetable fibers.

Nevertheless, in a number of countries, including Russia, annually they continue to raise and kill more than 100 million animals for the production of fur coats, accessories and jewelry. Among these animals are minks, foxes, sables, raccoons, nutria, lynxes, beavers, muskrats, choris, chinchillas. In addition, to obtain fur in even larger quantities, they kill rabbits, sheep (for karakul and muton), as well as dogs and cats, whose fur is passed off as more valuable.

Why is it necessary in Russia to introduce a ban on the archaic practice of breeding and killing animals for their fur, as well as a ban on the import of animal fur and products from it?


Farm animals spend their entire lives in small metal cages. Constant presence in a tight confined space brings them physical and psychological suffering. To prevent feces from accumulating in the cage, its floor is made of wire mesh that cuts the paws of the animals. The excrement accumulates directly under the cage and is rarely removed. Animals are forced to constantly breathe their own feces, which is especially difficult in the summer heat.

Violent immobilization, lack of activity and the inability to satisfy natural instincts is a severe torture for animals that in nature travel several kilometers a day, search for food, protect territory, dig and tidy holes, communicate with relatives, swim and dive, find partners, love and raise their cubs, stock up, live their full life, which they are denied on the farm.

The so-called stereotypical behavior, when the animal rushes around the cage, makes the same repetitive movements, testifies to the serious mental state of the prisoners. Abnormal behavior and stress are also expressed in self-harm, cannibalism, and killing offspring.

Due to unnatural conditions, crowding and unsanitary conditions, diseases and numerous infections occur, but at the same time, sick and suffering animals are often not provided with medical care. Some animals do not withstand such conditions and die. Profiting from animal husbandry is not possible without reducing the cost of animal welfare.

In nature, fur-bearing animals live up to 10 years, on farms they are killed at the age of 7-8 months. For murder they use:

  • poisoning with drugs that cause a slow painful death as a result of suffocation;
  • passing current through the anus or genitals;
  • fracture of the cervical vertebrae;
  • blows with a stick on the back of the head or nose;
  • poisoning with carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide.

An investigation on Russian fur farms in 2019 showed shocking footage: rabbits are slaughtered with metal sticks and their heads are cut off while still alive, chinchillas are electrocuted for a long time and painfully. Studies conducted in 2005 and 2014 in the fur industry in China, the largest exporter of fur to Russia, revealed extremely cruel methods of keeping and killing animals. The shots of how the skins of still living animals are ripped off, spread all over the world and caused a great resonance.

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