Styles: #Techno, #Electro
Length: 46:48
BPM: 91 — 109
Appointment: 07/16/2020

0:00 Gesaffelstein — Orck
2:41 JaguarTree — Into the Roots
5:43 Gesaffelstein — Orck
6:47 Gesaffelstein — Opr
12:38 Gesaffelstein — Destinations
17:20 Gesaffelstein — Hate or Glory
24:07 Gesaffelstein — Trans
27:19 Gesaffelstein — Dance X
39:33 Gesaffelstein — Pursuit

It is hard with winter here,
Damp permeates the cold air,
With so little food to share,
All the birds now live in fear.

Ring-necked parrots* are no more
Safe than birds everywhere,
In this chilled wet atmosphere,
Life for all birds is unsure.

Our yellow-banded necks are clear,
Though green is our main colour,
While patches of red adhere
To our heads like lumps of gore.

Perhaps you are unaware
That I am an omnivore,
Though seeds form my diet’s core,
Meat, too, will soon disappear.

There’s a place not far from here,
Where a cat sleeps on the stair,
Once I stole its cheese from there,
But it gave me quite a scare.

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