Lark Synth Dance

Styles: Synthwave, Dark Ambient
Duration: 52:10
BPM: 98 — 146
Recording: 07/05/2020
Dance of the Lark, Dance of the Abyss

0:00 Martin Noise Kuunde — The Silk Road Affaire
0:00 Borusiade — Never Once Again
5:39 Alejandro Paz Local Suicide — Hoffnung
10:47 Ombra INTL Future Force United — International Waters
13:26 Adame — Princess Illuminati
13:33 Ombra INTL Future Force United — — International Waters
18:51 Mufti — Impasse
24:16 Adame — Princess Illuminati
30:14 Dame Bonnet — Corridor
31:13 Roe Deers — Oh
38:54 Amarcord — — The Universe Is Indifferent
42:48 Dream Division — Zarek

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