Album: Long ch’i

Album: Long ch’i
Styles: Psybient, Experimental
Record: March 23, 2020
Total tracks: 8
This is was life performance and improvisation. Also, this is my personal psychedelic experience. File tags have hidden easter eggs and links to my personal data. And so, and now the technical information:

Track 01: 0xFFFFF700`01080000 Time: 06:14 BMP: 105 Tone: Ebm
Track 02: 0xFFFFF6FB`7DBED000 Time: 20:35 BMP: 80 Tone: Dm
Track 03: 0xFFFFF6FB`7DA00000 Time: 10:18 BMP: 105 Tone: Ebm
Track 04: 0xFFFFF6FB`40000000 Time: 08:13 BMP: 98 Tone: C/G
Track 05: 0xFFFFF680`00000000 Time: 12:30 BMP: 99 Tone: Dm
Track 06: 0xFFFFF980`00000000 Time: 10:22 BMP: 114 Tone: F#m
Track 07: 0xFFFFFA80`00000000 Time: 10:32 BMP: 104 Tone: Abm/Eb
Track 08: 0xFFFFFFFF`FFC00000 Time: 07:03 BMP: 80 Tone: Db

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