White track

Styles: Techno
Duration: 97:26
BPM: 123 — 130
Record: 22/02/2020

0:00 Gabriel Volt, Memo Delahouse — Lost (Original Mix)
9:27 Noisia — Yellow Brick
18:11 Ivan Masa — Neon
26:51 Vitalic — Under Your Sun
31:58 Misha Klein — Yellow Bones
38:31 Federico Franchi — Cream
45:52 Vitalic — Poison Lips (Extended Mix)
50:47 Paul Kalkbrenner — Altes Kamuffel
62:16 Paul Kalkbrenner — Das Gezabel
70:36 Andre Salmon, Xavier Iturralde — Out Here
77:25 Vitalic — Next I’m Ready
84:01 liquid minimal — Lsd
91:36 Vitalic — Stamina

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