Styles: Chillout, Deep House
Duration: 93:50
BPM: 84–148
Source: digital vinyl
Record: 12/26/2019

I’m not jealous of you.
Indifferent to me
you go to the pub:
one hundred acquaintances in the pub.

In the white vaults of the basement
cigarette smoke
without a beer glass
it’s hard to be young.

Beyond claims and stuff
like things in themselves
morphist and currency dealer,
and the KGB sex.

Who ordered the prince?
Get for the soul
realm of dirty squirt
and Anasha’s vapor,

blood poisoning,
death in a random hole
expressions other than
those that are in the dictionary.

I’m not a slave, not a boss
silently drink a serving,
responding with silence
to your smile.

I’m a killer and a comedian
overturned class.
How did we meet, cat, —
only tears from the eyes.

According to Nietzsche’s theory
meaning is inscribed in another —
life beyond the grave today
and reality later.

In the darkness of ghostly boudens
rushing to bloom
we will be resurrected and will
to the end in the flesh.

There is fate without a bandwagon
no depression buzz,
and you on the cover
prints «Life»,

like lightning flashes
the darkness of fate shade:
it acts morphine
in you on me.

Track list:
0:00 Kalya Scintilla — The Unfurling
6:16 Kalya Scintilla, Evoke — The Dreaming, Pt. 3
8:54 Kalya Scintilla — Animalia
14:29 Kalya Scintilla feat. Estas Tonne — Evolution
27:43 Kalya Scintilla, Evoke — The Dreaming, Pt. 1
29:26 Kalya Scintilla feat. Irina Mikhalova — Ha
32:29 Kalya Scintilla feat. Marya Stark — Water is Life
41:58 Kalya Scintilla feat. YoussouphaSidibe — Gaia
43:42 Kalya Scintilla, Evoke — Kogi Creation Story
54:32 Kalya Scintilla, Evoke — The Dreaming, Pt. 2
56:40 Kalya Scintilla, Evoke — In the Beginning
59:21 Kalya Scintilla, Evoke — The Road Back
68:26 Kalya Scintilla — Primordial
69:56 Kalya Scintilla, Evoke — The Road Back
73:52 Kalya Scintilla, Evoke — Hawaiian Creation Story
77:11 Kalya Scintilla — Being Stone
83:56 Kalya Scintilla — Fire Heart

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